Please be sure to harden off all plants before planting outside to allow them time to adjust to the harsher wind and temperature. Míle Buíochas!

Cúlra Créafóige - Our Vision

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Now, Cloughaneely is not the only parish with marginal lands, decreasing populations, threatened eco-systems, and socio-economic uncertainty.  These trends are clearly visible along the entire Western Coast of Ireland.  And we hope that the measures we are taking in this project, will be expanded to all of the other corners of Ireland. 

We believe that diversified, regenerative Small-Farm Enterprise can be profitable.  It can be self-sustaining.  having a positive and lasting effect on habitat creation, regional tourism and enterprise, on population stabilization, and the cultural survival of Gaeltacht regions. 

These mixed-enterprise smallholdings would be a viable solution to the economic, ecological, and heritage crises being faced by all of the marginal areas across Ireland.