Please be sure to harden off all plants before planting outside to allow them time to adjust to the harsher wind and temperature. Míle Buíochas!

Cúlra Créafóige - Our Approach

Currently, we have 23 sites in the project and will be adding more every year.  These sites are being used to investigate various crops such as: oats, linseed, garlic, comfrey, nettle, chicory, sunflower, fodder crops, blueberries, and various green manures.

All crops grown through the project will be used for market testing; matching our project-grown materials with regional niche markets and artisan producers.  

Beyond crops, the project is also focused on developing the regional agricultural knowledge through participant training in areas such as ecology, farm-to-fork enterprise, food tourism, etc.

We are also working closely with the youth of the parish.  Between volunteers, children of participants, and the teenagers who have joined our Youth Work Experience Program, we’ve had fantastic support from the young ones.  Because, let's be honest, it doesn’t matter what innovations we pursue, what solutions we come up with – if the next generation is not interested, farming in this region will fail.   But what we see is that the young ones are interested.  They just need to be reached.