Please be sure to harden off all plants before planting outside to allow them time to adjust to the harsher wind and temperature. Míle Buíochas!

Cúlra Créafóige - Our Solutions

The primary challenges we face here are securing economic viability for the region’s farms, rejuvenating the area’s rural enterprise, and regenerating ecologically critical habitat created by tillage. 

Cúlra Créafóige is addressing this by using regenerative agriculture and enterprise diversification to support the development of economically viable small-farm enterprise.  However, while making a profit is crucial, we cannot continue to do it at the expense of our air, water, and soil.  So, everything action we take is carried out with ecological sustainability in mind.

Following a whole-systems approach, Cúlra Créafóige is also investigating and developing modern, novel crop markets to drive the demand for cultivation:  because there is no use growing it if you can’t sell it.