Please be sure to harden off all plants before planting outside to allow them time to adjust to the harsher wind and temperature. Míle Buíochas!

Garden Filler Seed Potato (M C) - 25 kg

Garden Filler Seed Potato (M C) - 25 kg

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New for the year 2022


First record: 1918

Maturity: Maincrop


 Sprouts are of medium size, conical in shape and possess an intense blueviolet pigmentation.


Plants are of medium height, stemmy in appearance and semi-erect.


Stems are of medium thickness with moderate to intense, localised pigmentation.


Leaves are very long and open. They are a dark green colour, of glossy texture and have a strongly pigmented mid-rib. Primary leaflets are large and narrow while secondaries are small and few in number. The fusion of the terminal and lateral leaflets occurs with medium frequency. The primary leaflets have a moderately waved leaf margin and veins are shallow. Pigmentation on the leaf blade of the apical rosette is occasionally seen.


The inflorescence is small. The peduncle and buds are strongly pigmented. The inflorescences are numerous but flowers usually abscise before opening. Flowers that do open are a weak red-violet colour with large white tips.


The tubers are oval with shallow to medium deep eyes and smooth skin. The skin is purple and a purple pigment can be seen at the base of the eyes. The flesh is a light-yellow colour.