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Cneasú Créafóige - Soil Health

Healthy Soil, Healthy Land, Healthy People


A European Innovation Partnership (EIP), ‘Curaíocht an Phobail’ managed by Lárionad Achmhainní Nádúrtha – Cill Ulta, based in the North West Gaeltacht is to host a public presentation on Soil Health and an introduction to Biological Farming.

Our guest speaker for the evening, David Wallis, previously worked as a farm advisor with Teagasc until 2011, at which time he himself started to seek out alternatives to the systemic NPK farming practice. Since then, he has been farming alone and more recently, with a group of farmers have been successful with their own Danú EIP project, where 12 farmers have introduced biological methods on their farms.

Coral reefs are the biggest eco-system in the world and second to this is soil. What lies beneath our feet is alive with millions of microbes and bacteria which all work in unison with plant roots to create a living breathing organism, from which our food source grows. How we manage and nurture our soils determines the nutrient and mineral content of our food and our livestock’s food.

With the hard-hitting increase in the cost of fertilizer, probably further exacerbated by the Invasion of Ukraine, other solutions must be introduced not only for economic reasons but also for the enriched value of our land. This will not only benefit ourselves with a healthier environment and cleaner ground water, but also the wildlife that co-exists with us.

The incoming eco-schemes within the new CAP 2023 – 2027 will require changes to farm management. This evening presentation will leave you more informed as to knowing your land and the biology that lives there and what possible changes you could make towards healthier soils and fields.

Please join us in Ostan Loch Altan (Hotel) in Gortahork on Friday 11th March at 7pm. Fáilte roimh gach duine. Everyone welcome.

Curaíocht an Phobail EIP is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.